Small gauge sock loom comparison – Knifty Knitter vs Bufanda

I’m comparing two small gauge looms for knitting socks.

In the left corner:


The Bufanda (“Spanish loom”) smallest loom, originally with 22 pegs, added pegs to make it 44)

This loom is great. Except for putting the extra pegs in. I could get them in part ways with my hand and then had to (literally) hammer the fucking pegs in. The extra pegs are the pink ones, the Bufanda knitting loom kit (which is super) comes with a bag of extra pegs, allowing for customizable looms. I love this feature! I hate the Martha Stewart knitting loom set, its so cheap, but these looms, which cost no more than a set of Knifty Knitters (for 4, the same size, in better colours, with the extra pegs) plus shipping (that got me a bit – shipping to Canada is EXPENSIVE, but worth it) are great.

Other than nearly breaking my thumb hammering the fucking pegs in, it took a hammer and all my 105lbs to get the pegs in, and a lot of time, I much prefer this for socks. I’m using the knitting tool shown in the pic, your standard Knifty Knitter tool. I can’t find my CinDwood one, or I’d use that, because its much narrower at the end. I also lost most of my knitting tools, and need to buy some more. (My favourite is the Knifty Knitter tool, but mine is getting old and bendy, more about that later)

It’s much easier to wrap these pegs than with the Knifty Knitter sock loom. I don’t use a tool (empty pen or straw), just my skinny fingers. I have long, thin, fingers, which helps in knitting on the loom. Wrapping the pegs: Easy. Knitting – (flat knit or e-wrap knit) Easy. Purling – A little harder, but thats because I REALLY need a new tool, but easier than on the KK sock loom. It doesn’t bend my tool when I purl, and I’m wrapping around a medium tightness. Not too loose, not too tight. Getting the wool over the pegs is easy, and they don’t slip much, the ridges at the top stop that.

Overall: The better of the two. Much cheaper, customizable, and you can get it here, at the Bufanda store. Depending on where you live, the entire set of 4 looms with the extra pegs (and knitting tool) may cost LESS than the KK Sock Loom. Also, because every other peg is a different colour, it makes the seed and rib stitch really easy to keep track off. Purl on pink, knit on blue, for example.



The Knifty Knitter Sock Loom (or whatever brand you buy)

This thing is complicated. I set it up for my size, and measured with my foot through it. It took me forever to screw the thing back together, with a lot of cursing and chasing my cats around to get the parts back. Interesting idea, sucks in execution. It’s complicated, it’s annoying, and it takes a lot of co-ordination to get together, and pair that with a lack of patience: This thing is getting thrown across the room.

Now, knitting on it isn’t much better. See how tiny those pegs are? Well, the top is circular, and you have to wrap fairly loosely, or you will not get a single loop over after you cast on. I cast on at medium looseness, I don’t knit terribly tight, and it turns out fine, and I had major issues and it bent my knitting tool trying to purl. Now try to get the tool (the one I use is the same one that came with it!) under the pegs, the divots are useless and it takes a few attempts. Granted, I’m not used to it, but the metal on metal is slippery and is a royal pain in the ass. Yes, the metal is less likely to break, but it doesn’t give at all, and can cause some frustration. I prefer the use of rubber pegs, like with Cindwood. They have good grip, don’t slip, but let you easily knit.

Knitting (e-wrap or flat): Hard. It results in both loops going over half the time and having to re-wrap and re-knit. I couldn’t even get much done. I tried a tiny crochet hook instead of the knitting tool, and it didn’t fit. Purling – Damn near impossible. Getting the tool under the yarn on the peg was a joke. The thing is too small. I could form the loop and get it over the peg more easily than on a knit stitch, and dropped less stitches. It took ages. I got fed up and put this thing back in my chest to never touch again.

Conclusion: This thing is expensive, even on eBay. I got mine for $7 when it was on for half price and I had a 40% off coupon. It’s more expensive than entire set of looms. It’s up there with the All ‘n One Loom which I own, but lost half the parts to, so only use for small gauge straight stuff.. Anywoo… It’s frustrating to put together, but doesn’t require the physical strength of putting extra pegs in the Bufanda loom. It’s customizable a bit, but only to the size of your foot. The Bufanda loom, well, its only one size, a drawback, but with socks, its more forgivable. That is probably the only positive to this thing, it can be adjusted to foot size. It’s hard to use, and its hard to loop yarn over. It seems to only allow very thing yarn, huge drawback.

The winner is..


I’d rather have a one-size loom that I can knit about the same gauge in than the frustration of this sock loom. It’s a good idea in theory, but makes me so angry. I’ve used a lot of looms, and the sock loom is the most frustrating.


Finished Dew Drop shawl/wrap

I finished the dew drop shawl/wrap today. It’s almost 5ft long. I did it on the Green Knifty Knitter knitting board. It wasn’t done in double stitch, but I cheated on the drop stitches a bit, using the tutorial here at GoodKnit Kisses. I love the pattern, and I want to make more. I used JC Bretts marble wool in navy blue and I love the colour variations, which you can see in my close up. This only took about 2 weeks, working off and on in the evening for a little bit, because I was busy during the day. I could have done it all in a day if I had the attention span to sit down for 5-6 hours and just knit away. The pattern is very easy, and repetitive, so it’s easy to just chill and knit, and watch it get bigger. I cast off with the crochet cast off.


Wearing the dew drop shawl


A look at the front


A look at the back



A close up of the yarn.

This was pretty fast mostly because there is no purl stitch used, just straight e-wrap and drop stitch. I’d recommend this pattern for knitters of any level!


Zentangle obsession

I got a book called “Tangle Art” and fell in love. It’s so relaxing and so much fun! I’m not much of an artist at all, but all you need is paper, a fine tip pen (which came with the book) and a pencil for shading, maybe a Sharpie for bigger stuff. I’m working on one where I’m using chalk pastels for shading in my big notebook, actually. It’s a LOT of fun. I find I can get lost while drawing the tangles and the shapes and just enjoy myself. It doesn’t have to be anything super-pretty. I really like drawing tubes and snaking around the page. Here are some of my tangles.


My first attempt at making tubes/wires.



I made this little “maze notebook”. (Tutorial here) and decided to fill it with tangles! These are my first attempts.




My first and second tangles using really basic designs.


My completed notebook. I still need to make a cover! This is what a maze notebook looks like (this isn’t one I’ve made, I took it off the tutorial page)


They’re tiny, mine’s about 3 x 4 ” and is super cute. This is an example of one before decoration. I’m going to make a collage on mine.



And this is todays tangle. Fun!



Beginners origami

I kinda suck at origami, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m having fun with it, but wasting a lot of paper. I’m learning, gradually. Here are some things I’ve made.


This is a simple geometric piece from a geometric origami book that comes with the strips of paper already sized. All you do is fold it. It’s pretty easy. I folded the triangles (6 fold strips) and then put them together with smaller strips (4 fold strips). The book has all sorts of amazing different 3-d geometric shapes you can make. I should get it out. Here’s a link to the book.







This is a simple pinwheel, learning basic folds and stuff. I kinda suck, but its neat looking.


This is made out of three pieces of paper folded separately and inserted together at the end. It was very simple and only took five minutes, unlike most of the stuff, which takes 5 minutes before I wreck the paper and have to start again.







This is a kitty, I need to add googly-eyes when I get some, and is folded out of two pieces of paper. It’s a really simple fold. I really need to get lots of eyes to glue to the animals. I think the kitty is cute.


This is a fox, a fairly simple fold, but took a few attempts, without eyes added. It doesn’t stand up on its own. I’m not that good yet.







An Angelfish. A very simple fold. I should make a big fish tank and fill it with origami fish.


This is a flapping bird. A bit messy on the folding, but it works out in the end. I love the paper I used. It’s one of the harder folds I’ve done.



Beginning of a dew drop shawl

I started working on this dew drop shawl for a friend and it’s coming along pretty well. It’s definitely a different way of doing the drop stitch. My friend and I are doing a swap, she’s making me a funky bracelet, and I’m making her the shawl. I’m using JC Brett’s marble wool, and it’s really soft and the colours change every couple of inches, but its still mostly blue. Here’s what it looks like on the loom.


On the loom, the beginning of the wrap


A close up of the drop stitches.

I’m using the entire ball of yarn and adding some fringe at each end. The shawl will actually be sideways, so the drop stitches will be facing down. I posted the link at the top of a tutorial for the loom pattern and tutorial. It’s really easy and knits up quick. I’ve worked on it for about 2 hours and have a foot and a half of shawl made. I might add some extra garter stitch at the top and bottom when I’m done. So far I’m happy with it. The colour of the wool is a little washed out in the pics. This is what the finished product looks like:


It’s really pretty. My drop stitches aren’t as long, and it does curl a bit, but that’s part of it. Mine isn’t as lacey, but that’s the look I’m going for. I’ll post updates as I go! GO KNIT!

Stuffed Sea horse how-to, for my nephew

I decided to do some actual sewing today. I made a sea monster for my nephew. I used scrap fabric for the body, and then wrapped it and sewed with leftover jelly rolls from a quilt.


This is the sea monster half wrapped. First, I drew out the outline on scrap fabric, sewed it together on my machine and flipped it inside out and stuffed it, then sewed it closed.

After that, I took the jelly roll strips and wrapped them around it, sewing them with matching embroidery thread, by hand.


This is the finished product, without the face being done yet. I want to add a nametag that says “Hunter” (my nephews name) and embroider a face, because buttons can be dangerous for infants.  It’s my first time sewing a stuffed animal, and I don’t sew very often.

Paper craft for my mom

I made this triangle box in origami, something I’m not that great at, out of scrapbook paper. I did cheat and glue it when I had the triangles together. Inside it is yarn and some printed flowers, hearts and a butterfly. The folded pieces are little sayings for my mom. It’s a gift for her for helping me out so much, and I just decided to make the little triangle box for her. Here are some pics.