9 Hat Project – 4 out of 9 hats finished, and I’ll teach you how to make them

I’ve got 4 hats finished, 3 done on the Knifty Knitter 36 peg loom and one done on the Boye 31 peg loom. I’m doing pretty good! I’ll show a pic of each and a short tutorial underneath it. I’ve got 5 to go, ones already on the loom (the second for the 31 peg loom) and I’m doing well! I might make more than nine, we’ll see. Or some gloves and socks. I’m using spare and scrap wool I found in my big container.

First, the garter stitch rainbow hat.


This was a simple hat to make. I used the garter stitch shortcut and made it in about an hour. I didn’t like my cast on, so I knit 4 rows and made a mini brim that you can’t really see.

Basically, the entire hat is done in the garter stitch, and you can add a brim if you like. Gather bind off, sew the top together, done. All knits are e-wrap knits, and I did it on the 36 peg loom. It can be done on any loom.

Next, the purple and gray bumpy hat.


This hat is a bit more complex and requires 2 different colours of yarn or wool.

All knits are e-wrap knits and this was done on the 36 peg loom.

I did the rib stitch for the brim, which is Knit 2, Purl 2 in the round, in the first colour (the gray). This works out well on the 36 peg loom, but if you’re using a loom with odd numbers, just knit or purl the last stitch. Whichever you prefer.

So, I did an e-wrap cast on and did the rib stitch (k2 p2) until I thought it was big enough.

Then I changed colour, and knit (e-wrap) one row so the colour change isn’t as noticable.

Then I purled 5 rows, and switched back to the first colour.

I knit 6 rows, in e-wrap, and then changed colour.

Go back and forth between colours, knitting 1 row and purling 5 for the second colour (which creates the bumps) and end on the first colour, knit 6, and gather bind off. You’re done!

Now for the diamond lace stitch hat done on the 36 peg loom. All knits are e-wrap knits and you can use any size round loom. I always knit my hats in the round.


The colour is off in these photos, its a gray blue. It’s not as gray as the first one, and its not as blue as the second one.

Cast on in e-wrap and purl a row.

Then do the rib stitch (k2, p2 in the round) for as large as you want the brim to be.

The repeat for the pattern is knit one row, figure 8 stitch the next row, end on a knit row, and gather bind off.

The fourth hat is the first on the 31 peg loom, and has a pom-pom. It can also be made on any size loom.


I don’t have a pic of me modelling it because its too small.

Knit about 12-14 rows and then fold the yarn up and make a brim.

Knit one row

Purl one row

Figure 8 stitch one row.

Repeat the knit, purl and figure 8 until it’s at the size you want it to be, and gather bind off and sew, add a pom pom if you’d like, and you’re done!

So those are my first four hats. Enjoy, and go knit!

9 Hat Project

I went through all my clothes today and made up a big garbage bag full to bring to Community Cares, my towns food bank and thrift shop. I’m also making hats out of scrap yarn. I love making hats, and can do it quickly, especially since I learned the garter stitch shortcut (video at end of this entry).

It’s easy. You knit all the rows (e-wrap, of course) and then knit over, and then purl, move to the next peg, knit over, purl with the working yarn and so on, until you get to the end, then you e-wrap all the pegs again and repeat. Sorry if my explanation sucks, but the video is clearer. I’d make my own, but my video camera, which I just found, battery is dead. Damn.

So I’ve decided to make 3 hats on the 31 peg loom, 3 hats on the 36 peg loom and 3 hats on the 41 peg loom. I’m using Boye and Knifty Knitter looms. I might be getting a Cindwood set for Christmas. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

So I’m making each hat different. Some are going to be striped, some just in garter stitch with variegated yarn, and a funky one or two, for the kids. I want to help out this charity, since they’ve helped me. I’m excited to be knitting hats.

Here’s the garter stitch video.

Enjoy, and go knit!

Baby sweater/cardigan on the loom tutorial with pics

I made this adorable little sweater for my nephew, Hunter, on a 31 peg Boye loom (I used 30 pegs) knitting 3 flat panels. I’ll show you how to do this in my tutorial. Here’s the sweater:


This is a really quick and easy tutorial.

What you need

A knitting loom with at least 30 pegs. I used a Boye 31 peg loom.

A stationary marker

About 100 yards of each colour (if you choose to switch colours) or 200 yards of one colour.

Knitting tool.

Crochet hook (if you choose to bind of with the crochet bind off)

How to do a figure 8 stitch

Tapestry needle to sew the parts together.

The pattern

First you’re going to make the back, starting with the left sleeve. It’s all done in a single flat panel. All knits are e-wrap knits

Put a stationary peg marker or piece of yard on peg 12.

Crochet (chain) cast on the first 12 pegs, to the marker.

Rows 1, 3 and 5: K2 P2 to the marker

Rows 2, 4 and 6: P2 K2 to the first peg.

That is the cuff of the little cardigan/sweater/jacket.

Now, this is where you need to know the figure 8 stitch, or diamond lace as its often called. You can choose another stitch if you want a different look, but I used the diamond lace stitch, which is e-wrap knit one row, figure 8 knit the next.

Do the diamond lace stitch for 24 rows. I switched colours every 8 rows. Stitch 12 pegs each time, this is making the sleeve.

Now we’re going to make the back.

Cast on 18 pegs (so you have 30 on the loom) and knit back to the first peg.

Do the diamond lace stitch, starting at the first peg, to peg 30.

Do this for 24 rows, or if you think its too small, add an extra 8. If you’re making this a sweater, definitely make 32 rows in diamond lace stitch.

Once the 24 or 32 rows are knit, bind off to the marker. I used the crochet bind off. If you aren’t comfortable with it, you can do it any way. I just think the crochet bind off looks better.

Now, the second sleeve. You’ve bound off to peg 12. Knit to peg 1, and then figure 8 stitch peg 2, and keep going for 24 rows, changing colours as you wish.

Make another cuff using K2, P2 for one row, then P2, K2 for the next.

Crochet cast off 12 stitches.

You’re done the back! Now, if you want to make this a sweater, just make a duplicate of the front and sew them together when done.



This is what the back of mine looks like.

For a cardigan, the left sleeve, you’re going to start the exact same way.

K2, P2 for rows 1, 3 and 5 to the stationary marker.

P2, K2 for rows 2, 4 and 6, to the stationary marker.

Then use the diamond lace stitch for 24 rows to complete the sleeve.

Cast on another 18 pegs so you have 30 cast on, and knit to peg 1, and begin from peg 1 to peg 30 with the diamond lace stitch. Remember, going from peg 12 or 30 to peg 1 is always in e-wrap knit stitch, and going from peg 1 to peg 12 or 30 is always in diamond lace stitch.

Do the diamond lace stitch for 16 rows, and then crochet cast off. I got excited and sewed mine together immediately. This is what the sleeve looks like. It does curl a bit with this particular stitch.


The left sleeve.




Flip both sides to the wrong side is facing outwards and sew together, then flip it back to the right side. I always seam together inside out, because it looks better and I’m a bit of a sloppy sew-er.

Now, for the right sleeve, you do the opposite.

Crochet cast on 30 pegs, and keep the marker at peg 12.

Do the diamond lace stitch for 16 rows. That’s 2 colours for me. I wanted to make mine a big bigger, so I added an extra 8 rows, and so the colours met up.

Next, bind off pegs 30 until peg 12. The working yarn is now at peg 12.

Make another sleeve, starting with a knit (because its going from peg 12 to peg 1) and then diamond lace stitch for a total of 24 rows.

You’re almost done!

Now, make the cuff again.

K2, P2 for rows 1, 3 and 5.

P2, K2 for rows 2, 4 and 6.

This is what you’ll have:


Crochet cast off (or bind off in your favoured way)

Sew this together the same way as before. I lined up the colours first. When I flipped it back to the right side, I folded down the corner of the blue in the middle and sewed it to the panel, making triangle corners, like in the picture.


Now you’re done! Super simple, can be done in any stitch, and you can do this on a larger loom for any size.

It’s very simple, knitting 2 flat panels in a “T” and sewing them together, if you want to make a sweater. If you want to make a cardigan, you have to do the sleeves separately.

It does curl a bit, but I like it.

This can be done on a bigger loom for an adult. Do one colour, do ten colours, do it in garter stitch (which will become seed stitch when off the loom because you’re working horizontally) or any stitch you please. If you’re using a different stitch than the diamond lace one (knit one row, figure 8 the next, repeat) you may have to add extra rows for size.

Knit, and enjoy! I think I’m going to make one for myself (with the 90 peg Cindwood Afghan loom, I won’t be using all 90 pegs, probably 60 or so. I tried this with a 41 peg loom, for myself, but it was too small so I frogged it)

If you have any questions, or trouble understanding this, just contact me in the comments. Sometimes the way I explain things doesn’t come out right. I think it’s really cute. It’s probably too big for my 3 month old nephew, so he’ll have something to wear next year! His eyes are gray-blue, which is why I chose those colours. The wool is also bulky.

Go knit!

Two loomed hats for my roommate

I did these today. The neon one is made out of super bulky wool and didn’t take long. I made a pom pom for it as well. The other is hot pink and navy blue, which is hard to see in the pics. Each has a rib stitch brim and they’re all done in all e-wrap. Simple!


No pattern needed! Straight e-wrap and gather bind off.

Arm knit cowl and starting a new wrap

I tried this last year. My friend (now roommate) wanted an arm knit cowl. I couldn’t do it. I was using 2 strands of bulky wool together and just made a huge fucking mess, got myself irritated and stopped. Today I found some tshirt yarn I got at Lens Mills well over a year ago while I was going through my stash and thought Hmm I could arm knit with this.

So I tried.

It took me about a half hour to get one row done since I kept tangling and tangling, but I was determined. And I did it. I used the tutorial at the bottom of this post to learn to arm knit, knit all of my tshirt yarn and sewed the ends together. Here are some pics.

Two shots of me wearing it. The tshirt yarn (which was $7.99 for the roll) is gray and green.



Laid out in full on my bed






Next up is the Gemstones Wrap from The Invisible Loom. I’ve got one repeat done, but its knitting up fast. Ow, my aching thumb.

This is what it will look like, except I’m using dark blue for the scarf part and light blue and white for the accents.


Hanging from my doorway. It’s pretty big. And pretty warm. Check out the tutorial below!

Lace toque (winter hat) and Mostly Harmless scarf, plus a knitting injury!

I was experimenting with different ways of making lace without k2tog in this hat. It’s for my mom. I’m making her a bunch of hats for her birthday and experimenting with different things. This hat was done with One, Two, Three Stitch and the diamond lace stitch, which is knit one row (e-wrap), figure 8 stitch the next row and then I did two rows of knit 1, k2tog, but you can’t see them in the top of the hat. It was a pretty quick hat to make, and I hope my mom loves it!


You can’t see the lace much, but its cute, and I like it. My mom should too! It’d be better on a less-cold day, but its comfy and warm.

Next up is the Mostly Harmless scarf from The Invisible Loom from the Shapely Loom book. Worth every cent! I did 17 repeats before I ran out of yarn. Enjoy the pics.


I adore it! As you can see, I used the Cindwood 90 peg 1/2″ loom for this.

And last, because of the way I purl (I use my thumb to knock the existing yarn off the peg and replace it with the loop) is my knitting injury. A bit blister on my thumb! I had to work through the pain to finish my mostly harmless scarf!



That’s all for today. Enjoy!

Another winter hat/toque with a tutorial

I’ve been on the go today. I made two hats (see last entry for that one). This one I did differently. I was going to use the knit stitch and not-ewrap stitch, but I was being lazy. I think it turned out well.

I used gray and blue yarn, the 36 peg Knifty Knitter (green) round loom and a tapestry needle. The only stitches you need to know are e-wrap cast on, e-wrap and purl.

Here’s the hat, which will be followed by my pattern.


It’s a bit big and slouchy, but I want it that way. The blue is purled, so it creates a bump. It’s a nice warm hat for what’s going to be a damn cold and snowy winter.


What you need

100 yards of the main colour (Colour 1) yarn

50 yards of the secondary colour (Colour 2) yarn

Any size round knitting loom (this is all knit in the round, no seams)

A tapestry needle and knitting tool.

What I did

First I cast on all 36 pegs in e-wrap cast on.

Colour 1 (for me, that is the gray)

Rows 1-12: E-wrap knit

This is the brim of the hat. You’re going to fold the bottom to the top and place one stitch on each peg around the loom and knit over, creating the brim you see at the bottom of the hat.

Change to Colour 2

I change colours by cutting the working yarn and attaching the new colour with a good square knot.

Row 13: E-wrap

Row 14-20: Purl

Change to Colour 1

Row 20-27: E-wrap

Change to Colour 2

Row 28: E-wrap

Rows 29-35: Purl

Change to Colour 1

Row 35-41: E-wrap

Change to Colour 2:

Row 42: E-wrap

Row 43-49: Purl

Change to Colour 1:

Row 50-57: E-wrap

Change to Colour 2:

Row 58: E-wrap

Row 59-65: Purl

Change to Colour 1:

Row 66-71: E-wrap

Now it’s time to bind off. Use a gather bind off to bring the top circle into itself and become the top of the hat. Sew the top closed with the hat inside out. Weave in threads. You’re done! It looks a bit wonky laying on its own, but it looks good on.