Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf complete

I’d say this scarf took me an entire skein of the yarn I was using. No special yarn, I got it at Michael’s for $3.99 a ball! This pattern is fantastic and can be found on Ravelry. It’s a popular pattern. I’m very happy with how it turned out. I was a bit anxious it wouldn’t ruffle because of the yarn I used, but after a few repeats, it started!

The pattern is pretty simple. Short rows to create the ruffles and long rows to connect the sides. Definitely a fun project to knit!

Here’s some pics.


Me wearing the scarf, it’s really warm, and a pic of it on my doorknob. I’d definitely make another one of these. Such a fun project!

What’s on my loom – Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf and a Lace Shawlette

I’ve been knitting the past few days, working on two projects. Get bored of one, work on the other, back and forth.

I found the Leafy sea Dragon scarf on Ravelry by a suggestion of a knitting loom group member. She recommended the pattern, and I had it on my harddrive, had never started it. Thought I needed a different style of wool, but it actually knits up quite nicely on the yarn I’m using – Value brand I got at Michael’s for $3.99 a skein. It’s about 3 feet long now. The yarn is pictured, and it was taken without a flash. I used about half a skein I had left and am working on finishing it with the 1/3 of the other skein I had.  I love this pattern! I’m going to keep going until I run out of yarn.



Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf




This is my other project, using a piece of the All n’ One loom. Parts of that loom got lost when I moved, and I can’t find everything to put it together, so I’m using just a side with 48 pegs. I’m making progress. It will be a simple shawlette (not using a pattern) or “baktus”, which is a triangular scarf done in garter stitch. The yarn I’m using is lace weight, so the 3/8″ pegs on the part of my poor All n’ One loom make decent sized stitches. That picture doesn’t even touch how nice the yarn is. I’m closed to being increased to 48 pegs, then I start decreasing.

My pattern is:

Cast on 3 pegs from left to right in any way you please. I used crochet.

Row 1: Slip stitch, purl to last peg, half stitch

Row 2: Slip stitch, knit to last peg, half stitch

Row 3: slip stitch, purl to last peg, half stitch

Row 4: Slip stitch, knit t last peg, increase by one (wrap the empty peg next to the last peg twice and knit over)


Simple eh? I can’t wait to see it finished. The yarn is gorgeous, yellows, oranges, reds and browns.

My leafy sea dragon scarf so far

I got this pattern from The Invisible Loom about a year ago and never got around to making it. Today I’m snowed in, so I’m watching House and knitting. Here it is so far. It’s about a foot long, and will probably take me all of the wool in that pattern that I have. Here are two in progress shots.

Snapshot_20141211 Snapshot_20141211_1

What a fun pattern!

6 of 9 hats are done! Loom knit ski mask is #6!

Haven’t had much on the go the past few days. I’m working on my hat project. I need to make 2 more on the 41 peg and 1 more on the 31 peg!!

I found an awesome pattern here to make a ski mask. I was using a 41 peg Boye loom. I followed the pattern, though I would have rather done it in garter stitch than all e-wraps. I hope you like it!


The hat, laid out.




Wearing the ski mask. It looks cute!



My 6 hats so far. 3 on the 36 peg (large child/small adult), 2 on the 31 peg (child) and 1 on the 41 peg (adult)



5 hats finished and one gemstones wrap

I made this little hat on the 31 peg knify knitter loom. I changed colours a couple times. I’m donating it. 4 hats to go!


Next is the Gemstones wrap from The Invisible Loom. I did about 12 repeats and made a small scarf. I need to fix some of my edges.



Right now I’m making a shawl on the CinDWood afghan loom. Casting on 60 pegs and decreasing each row. I might make it lacey. I think I will. I just need some stitch markers! I’m so sick of using yarn and tying it. But I’ll show pics when its done, and share a tutorial.

9 Hat Project – 4 out of 9 hats finished, and I’ll teach you how to make them

I’ve got 4 hats finished, 3 done on the Knifty Knitter 36 peg loom and one done on the Boye 31 peg loom. I’m doing pretty good! I’ll show a pic of each and a short tutorial underneath it. I’ve got 5 to go, ones already on the loom (the second for the 31 peg loom) and I’m doing well! I might make more than nine, we’ll see. Or some gloves and socks. I’m using spare and scrap wool I found in my big container.

First, the garter stitch rainbow hat.


This was a simple hat to make. I used the garter stitch shortcut and made it in about an hour. I didn’t like my cast on, so I knit 4 rows and made a mini brim that you can’t really see.

Basically, the entire hat is done in the garter stitch, and you can add a brim if you like. Gather bind off, sew the top together, done. All knits are e-wrap knits, and I did it on the 36 peg loom. It can be done on any loom.

Next, the purple and gray bumpy hat.


This hat is a bit more complex and requires 2 different colours of yarn or wool.

All knits are e-wrap knits and this was done on the 36 peg loom.

I did the rib stitch for the brim, which is Knit 2, Purl 2 in the round, in the first colour (the gray). This works out well on the 36 peg loom, but if you’re using a loom with odd numbers, just knit or purl the last stitch. Whichever you prefer.

So, I did an e-wrap cast on and did the rib stitch (k2 p2) until I thought it was big enough.

Then I changed colour, and knit (e-wrap) one row so the colour change isn’t as noticable.

Then I purled 5 rows, and switched back to the first colour.

I knit 6 rows, in e-wrap, and then changed colour.

Go back and forth between colours, knitting 1 row and purling 5 for the second colour (which creates the bumps) and end on the first colour, knit 6, and gather bind off. You’re done!

Now for the diamond lace stitch hat done on the 36 peg loom. All knits are e-wrap knits and you can use any size round loom. I always knit my hats in the round.


The colour is off in these photos, its a gray blue. It’s not as gray as the first one, and its not as blue as the second one.

Cast on in e-wrap and purl a row.

Then do the rib stitch (k2, p2 in the round) for as large as you want the brim to be.

The repeat for the pattern is knit one row, figure 8 stitch the next row, end on a knit row, and gather bind off.

The fourth hat is the first on the 31 peg loom, and has a pom-pom. It can also be made on any size loom.


I don’t have a pic of me modelling it because its too small.

Knit about 12-14 rows and then fold the yarn up and make a brim.

Knit one row

Purl one row

Figure 8 stitch one row.

Repeat the knit, purl and figure 8 until it’s at the size you want it to be, and gather bind off and sew, add a pom pom if you’d like, and you’re done!

So those are my first four hats. Enjoy, and go knit!

9 Hat Project

I went through all my clothes today and made up a big garbage bag full to bring to Community Cares, my towns food bank and thrift shop. I’m also making hats out of scrap yarn. I love making hats, and can do it quickly, especially since I learned the garter stitch shortcut (video at end of this entry).

It’s easy. You knit all the rows (e-wrap, of course) and then knit over, and then purl, move to the next peg, knit over, purl with the working yarn and so on, until you get to the end, then you e-wrap all the pegs again and repeat. Sorry if my explanation sucks, but the video is clearer. I’d make my own, but my video camera, which I just found, battery is dead. Damn.

So I’ve decided to make 3 hats on the 31 peg loom, 3 hats on the 36 peg loom and 3 hats on the 41 peg loom. I’m using Boye and Knifty Knitter looms. I might be getting a Cindwood set for Christmas. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

So I’m making each hat different. Some are going to be striped, some just in garter stitch with variegated yarn, and a funky one or two, for the kids. I want to help out this charity, since they’ve helped me. I’m excited to be knitting hats.

Here’s the garter stitch video.

Enjoy, and go knit!