Free pattern links and my current project

Apologies for not updating this that often. I  might have a new loom knitter joining me, I asked if she wants to post here, so I’m crossing my fingers she says yes!

I started the loom knit Pi circle sweater. It’s a LOT of knitting and frustration with the pattern. Not an easy pattern to read! I’ll show you the original finished project, and then where I am in it. It’s a gorgeous project, and will be my “big project” for now.


The original loom knit Pi sweater.

It’s basically a circle sweater, but knit on a loom. I started mine and it’s not as big, so I made it in large size. I’m using the Cindwood 1/2″ loom. It won’t be as spectacular as that, and I only have one wedge done, but I’m making progress. As I said, the pattern isn’t an easy read, and it’s a high intermediate pattern. The book I got it from is this one: Loom Knitting Pattern Book: 38 Easy, No-Needle Designs for All Loom Knitters. I had to hunt around to get it at a decent price and shipped to Canada.

Here’s mine so far. I estimate I’ll need about 6-8 balls of wool, which I bought from Lens Mills in Hamilton. I plan on entering it in one of their contests when its finished. So far, its just a triangle. A lot of short rows, not much purling, its pretty much all e-wrap. The Cindwood loom has wrecked my poor fingers, but I love that damn loom.


It’s a pretty repetitive pattern. That’s a wedge that goes for 60 pegs. Size 4 worsted yarn. I love the colours and how they’re coming around. I have another wedge to do, and the armholes. It’s my “big project” for now. I love it. It should come down past my waist. I can’t WAIT to wear it. The good weather is coming though! If I successfully pull this off, I’ll make more for craft shows.

Now, for free patterns

My mom sent me a couple links.

All Free Knitting: This site has some loom patterns including hats, socks, scarves, random stuff for around the house and some gorgeous wraps, all 100% free. You have to sign up with your email address, they aren’t spammy. I haven’t tried any patterns yet since I have so much on the go, but there are plenty I want to try. All for free!

Free Knifty Knitter Patterns on Pinterest: This has a lot of interesting patterns for free, from all over the web. They’re constantly being added to, and you can even submit your own. They’re all free, so you can check them out.

Ravelry: (duh) If you use the advanced pattern searcher, you can find free patterns in loom knitting, and there are oodles. I started off never buying a pattern there, and now I buy the ones that I’m super interested in. I don’t usually spend more than $3 on one pattern, but I have a huge collection now that I keep backed up on several different drives, and they back it up on Ravelry as well. Super awesome site. You can find me there as sandorfalot. Don’t be shy. Add me as a friend!

Next up.. if i get off my lazy ass.. a review of the knitting books I own!



Wingspan finally done

I’ve been working on this off and on for the past bit and finally finished it. I had 5 wings done yesterday, and I finished the last 5 and the edge today. My good camera’s battery is dead, so here are two crappy phone pics. Enjoy!


A close up of the wings


The whole wingspan in its glory. The wool I used was JCBretts. It’s very soft. It’s not very big because the wool was very fine.



Have a heart

A young girl shared her brave story and I was immediately touched by it. Her name is Meghan, she’s autistic and was bullied her entire life and found solace through horses, eventually starting Meghan’s Heart, a rescue ranch for horses that would otherwise would go to slaughter. She needs donations.


Meghan and a special horse

I’ve personally spoken to her and her family.

Like her, I found solace from bullying as a child through horses. I was bullied badly for being too “smart”, not “smart enough”, a “geek”, wearing the wrong clothes, having hair that was too blonde, anything you can be picked on for, well, I was picked on for it,  and it might seem trivial, but having no friends and getting made fun of and physically assaulted by your supposed peers on a daily basis is heartbreaking and takes a toll on you. As well as your family.


Schools claim they have 0-tolerance policies. They don’t. Once I was sent home because I got my ass kicked and the school thought I instigated it, that I was asking for it. No child should ever have to go through that. Meghan was diagnosed with autism, I was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but that isn’t an excuse to pick on someone. Autism and bipolar disorder aren’t crutches either, but they are something a person struggles with their entire life and could be part of the reason children bullied both of us.

When I found horses, I found animals that understood me. They didn’t make fun of me, they were always there for me. They responded to my emotions, they’re very smart and sensitive. Meghan discovered horses too and must have seen some of the same things.

She’s been invited to speak in California, which is a wonderful honour for her, and for the horses. Here’s what she has to say about this.

Hey There. I am needing some help. Do you know anyone who can donate to help me? I am needing donations to get to California. I am trying to go to the events a rallies for the wild mustang horses in Sacramento. I will be speaking out, Telling my true story, And giving a speech to save the wild mustang horses, And to stop horse slaughter. I will also be educating people about horse slaughter, And the wild horses. Can you share this, And see if anyone can donate, please? Thank You so much


Meghan is a kind hearted person who has always addressed me with pleases and thank yous. Even a small donation is accepted. Do what you can. Check out and share her Facebook Page. And the donation link is here. 

My mom’s coming to Craftasaurus!

My mom is a multi-talente craftster. While my brother and I were young, she was a stay-at-home mom, making a few bucks doing freelance sewing. She’s sewn me some great outfits and I always had the best Hallowe’en costume. She taught me  sew on her (bitchy machine only she and my grandma.RIP, grandma) could work. I’d call her downstairs. “MOM the bobbins all screwed up again!” (No auto bobbin) and other such escapades. One night, I went out and bought a $160 Brother machine with an automatic bobbin. It’s not as great or strong as her machine, but for a beginner, I love it.

Lately, since my SIL is pregnant, she’s been knitting everything. So I asked if she wanted to share projects here, and she said yes. I’d love her to share her sewing work too. She also crochets. She doesn’t loom knit, she does the REAL THING. So expect posts from her in a few days!! Even though we knit differently, she’s helped me figure out more complex patterns. Here’s some of my moms latest knits and crochets. Just a sneak peek though!


She knit me this gorgeous blanket over2 summers. She is a quick knitter, but kept having to put it away. It’s soft and better in person.


She made a little pair of these for a baby, and discovered the adult pattern. She made me these in Women’s 7, they’re crochet, and very elf like. I LOVE ELVES. They’re super comfy. She also made a friend a pair which she ADORES.


This is now finished, and it’s a gorgeous sweater for a baby of any sex. It’s way too cute. It was knit.


This is one of my faves. A star baby blanket made out of the softest wool she could find. I want one!

There’s a sneak peak at some of my moms recent work. For all the “young” (to her, that’s under her age, which I won’t reveal, but I’m 29) people, keep crafting. She was afraid it would be a dying art and was happily surprised when she found out Ravelry consisted of a lot of younger “kids” (under 30)

So give my mom some big applause. Without her, I doubt I’dcraft!









Drop Stitch Infinity Scarf FINISHED with Pattern

I finished it! In a couple days! It looks cute, and its warm. I made it to my height (I’m 5’3) and then stitched it into an infinity scarf.  Sorry I look half dead in the pics, I had some dental work done and the side of my face is swollen and I’m stoned on painkillers. 1 Tylenol 3 and I can’t drive. So I’ve been at home the past few days.  It’s a nice fall scarf.



Wrapped around three times.


Wrapped around twice.


Hanging on the door, to give you a size idea

The Pattern

What you need

A loom with at least 12 pegs and a knitting tool

A tapestry needle or a crochet hook

Yarn of your choice, any kind will do, thinner looks lacier, chunkier makes a warmer scarf, I used normal worsted

Stitches Used

E-wrap knit stitch

Knit stitch (optional)


Drop stitch

For those that have never done the drop stitch, I refreshed my memory with this youtube video. It’s a fantastic video.

Okay, let’s go.

Cast on 12 stitches in the flat  in any manner you’d like, I used the e-wrap cast on.

All knits are e-wrap knits unless otherwise specified. This is an advanced beginner pattern due to the drop stitch.

1 Knit

2 Purl

3-8 Repeat 1-2

9 On each peg, knit stitch (not e-wrap), and then wrap it 5 times (beginning of the drop stitch)

10 Purl and release the 5 wraps (explained in the video)

(9 and 10 are the drop stitch itself)

11 Purl

12 Knit

13 Purl

14 Repeat 9-13 Until the scarf is as long as you want it.

Cast off in your preferred way when the scarf is at the length you want. You can sew it together into an infinity scarf or leave it as a regular scarf. You’re done!

I like this scarf because the drop stitch made it knit up really fast. It was confusing at first and looked so sloppy when I started with the drop stitch, but after a few, it started to take shape and look neat. I highly recommend using the tutorial I posted. She’s really good. I just got one of her books, its amazing. (It’s out of print and I had to find a place that’d ship to Canada! I paid a few bucks for it, but its worth it) It was an easy knit once I got the drop stitch down. Here’s mine at the very beginning:


Looks like crap! But as it grows, it looks nicer. You can also make the drop stitches longer or shorter by increasing or decreasing wraps around the pegs.

Camdem Drop Stitch Scarf

I got this pattern out of this awesome book and even though I’m not using a circle loom, I’m just using a flat loom because it’s smaller and easier to work with, it’s turning out nicely. It’s my first time using a drop stitch more than once, and I’m loving how it’s turning out. I’m having problems sticking with one project. All of my projects are big ones right now, so I’m doing this as kind of a break. I will definitely be knitting lots of scarves from this book!

Here it is so far. It’s very soft wool and I’m knitting it loosely for the lacy look. I’m going to be knitting a lot of different things in different colours, simple things, and storing them away until the fall, when my mom and I are getting a booth at craft fairs! We’re going to be the Purler Girls!



My very first shawlette



has a new home with raveler winterrosie. She loves it!


And my awesome mom made me a pair of these. She also made winterrosie a pair, but in rose.


They’re crocheted. They feel lovely on the feet, so soft and warm, and are elf like in appearance, and are oh, so comfy. My mom is double trouble, she can knit AND crochet well.