Paper craft for my mom

I made this triangle box in origami, something I’m not that great at, out of scrapbook paper. I did cheat and glue it when I had the triangles together. Inside it is yarn and some printed flowers, hearts and a butterfly. The folded pieces are little sayings for my mom. It’s a gift for her for helping me out so much, and I just decided to make the little triangle box for her. Here are some pics.


Brocade Baby Sweater

I found this pattern in the book “Loom Knitting Primer” that I hadn’t seen in ages, but found in my closet. It uses a mini brocade pattern and looks super cute. It’s for my nephew to be, Hunter. It’s designed for 6 months. I love it. I wish the colour came out better in the pics, but here you go. I was using a denim type yarn. It’s the first sweater I’ve ever made.







Current Crafts

Currently I’m working on some paper and yarn crafts. Here’s what I’m doing right now as I watch America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion (and when that’s over, back to House MD on Netflix)

It’s a hexagon blanket for my soon to be nephew, Hunter. My brother just got married to my lovely new sister in law Sarah. They’re expecting for August 14. The shower is next weekend! I have 3 wedges to finish by then. They go by quick, and its an easy knit.


The blanket so far. It’s so soft! I love working with this wool. On a 31 peg Bufanda loom.


A close up of the wool. It’s so very soft and comforting.

Next, for my nephew, Hunter, I have a cross stitch pattern I made out of some clip art images. I have to fill in the bottom in the bottom left, which will be a bottle. Feel free to use and edit if you will, just link back to me.


My custom cross stitch pattern I made using PC Stitch for my nephew. I will be adding a date and weight when he is born.

Next I have my circle sweater I’ve been working on for months. I pick it up and do chunks of it at a time, when I’m not working on anything else. I have 3 large wedges to go. I’m done both armholes (although you can’t see the second in the pic) and have to make and sew on the sleeves when I cast it off. I can see the end in sight! I’m doing it on my 90 peg Cindwood loom, which I love.


It’s HUGE and finally taking shape!

Last I made a collage and a mood log for myself. I have schizoaffective bipolar disorder and keep track of my moods on it. I’m not much of a scrapbooker yet. I just picked up some more supplies today. I like getting messy with paper and glue and seeing what I can make. My mom picked me up a printer. I love dabbling with paper and seeing what I can do, and it’s a good way to track my moods.


The outside


The inside. I made the die (d20) to track how my week went. The closer to 20, the better. I also keep track of certain symptoms. Green is best. Yellow is okay, orange is meh, and red is bad. No red this week!

Here’s a few pics of my pony and I. Her name is Ayla. We have a show next week!

983700_10152036460886455_2899492798405947423_n 10414655_10152036460331455_8684416129817215089_n jumping

Cotton Candy yarn

So I picked up some food colouring today and decided to try dying my own roving. It went pretty well.


I’ll explain how I got to that step.

First, I took out my roving, which was about 50 grams of Shetland. I gave it a careful soaking in warm water with lemon juice (as it’s acidic and I didn’t have any vinegar) and prepared my dyes. I put 25 drops of red into one cup and 25 drops of blue into another cup. I laid out plastic wrap (Saran wrap) on my floor and got a plate and lots of paper towels ready.

Then I emptied the pitcher I was soaking the roving in, and brought everything in and squeezed out the roving until it was damp. Be careful so you don’t separate it. I placed it on the Saran wrap and poured the blue on first, just bit by bit, a couple inches, leaving blank spaces between. Then I filled those spaces with white. Then I squished it down to really get the dye in. I recommend wearing gloves, because I didn’t and my hands are funky colours.

Then I made a “roving burrito” and folded the plastic wrap up, be careful, it will leak, and microwaved it for 2 min. I unwrapped it, dunked it in a pitcher of just cold water (you may need to microwave longer – do it until the roving is hot in 2 min intervals) and clean up, let it sit, and then I squeezed it out. The above pic are the results I got. I let it sit and dry out. I put a towel I don’t care about under it to catch the dripping.

After it dried, I started spinning. Then I blocked it. This is my second time spinning.


Then after I had that done, the pink was more prominent, and it looked like cotton candy (hence the title) I was pretty happy. It’s amazing how unpredictable, I dyed the rest of the roving rainbow. This is how it came out.



It’s currently drying. I’m going to spin it in the next few days. I’ll be at my parents for a few days. But I’m excited to see how that spins up! Happy knitting!



Funky Fall yarn

This is the first skein of yarn I’ve spun! I had Fall Colours yarn from The Fibre Garden in Jordon, ON and spun this on a top whorl spindle and blocked it on my own. It took about 2 weeks for me to completely do it and its about 50g. I’m proud of it, though not sure what to do with it!


More socks! Free pattern

I made these fun socks over the past few days, because I didn’t really feel like knitting. I’m adding the pattern, which I made up as I knit them. It’s fairly simple.


I used the 24 peg knifty knitter little loom.

I cast on using the e-wrap method. All knits are e-wrap.

Rows 1-20 (first colour)


Then fold up to make a brim, like with a hat.

Rows 21-40 (second colour)

Peg 1-3 Purl, Peg 4 Knit, repeat all the way around

Make a heel (first colour) Double e-wrap for the heel.

Then for the rest, take your two colours, knit the two as one, and stitch as many as you need (I’m a size 7 or 8, so I knit 35 rows) and cast off using the bind method and you’re done!


Spinning my own

I recently got a top whorl spindle and am learning to spin my own yarn. I’m doing it slowly and kind of surely. It’s a lot of fun. I got autumn colours roving, 50g, and am experimenting.

Here’s my roving:


Isn’t it pretty?



This was yesterdays progress. I made more today. It’s pretty! Completely custom yarn. It is hard on the hands, though. I so want a spinning machine. I’ve got more on the spindle today. I’m loving it, though

I’ll show you more when I’ve got more done. I’m not sure how to get it off the spindle without it all unravelling, and then how to block it. Thank god for google and youtube.